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We believe the best way to solve a vision problem...

is to Listen.

In January 2004, Dr. Vinson went with a medical mission team from Murfreesboro to Aldama, Mexico. Aldama is in an impoverished area of Mexico. Dr. Vinson did eye exams and provided 400 pair of glasses that were donated through the Lion's Club. Please remember these needy people when donating your glasses that are no longer being used. Many of these people saw clearly for the first time since childhood!

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A walk to invite the locals to the clinic

These new glasses allowed this child to see clearly for the first time ever!

Praise and Worship music played on guitars

A local church invited us for worship services followed by a meal

Most 'facilities' in the villages took the form of outhouses

Painting fingernails is apparently an international phenomenon :-)

Country village house

Preparing for the next day's work -- each box pictured here contains 50 pairs of glasses --- Please donate your old pairs of glasses to your local Lion's Club at your Optometrist's Office

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